Saturday, December 31, 2016

Art show UPDATES

Well the weather really did in a lot of the end of the year shows. Even the ones that were indoors suffered from low attendance. But what you going to do! My next show will be the 57th Annual Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts, Feb. 24-26, 2017. This is held at the Hillcrest Congregational Church, 2000 West Road, La Habra, CA. 90631

I am also preparing pieces for the second physical jury (yippee made it past the first jury round) of the Laguna Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, California.

In October of this (soon to be) past year 2016 I acquired a working studio space within the Muddy's Studio complex. So now I have a more private space to create my pieces! ( see pictures below!) Thank you Kevin and Gina Myers for establishing such a great place to do clay! I also teach a Muddy's Thursday evenings class if you ever want to get dirty!

I hope to be doing more shows in April- May so stay tune! I hope this new year 2017 brings all of us personal growth and achievements!

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